Friday, August 27, 2010

10 ways that an hour with me can save you thousands

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Since I developed my special 1 hour consultation for people in a debt crisis, I have completed over 70 consultations. Consider these 10 ways that spending an hour with me could save you thousands. Then ask yourself if you can afford NOT to pass up this offer at only $149.

1. Should you pay money to a law firm or other company for assistance with a home loan modification? I can tell you whether you’re likely to succeed and whether its worth the cost and risk. Sometimes over a thousand dollars in fees.

2. Some lawyers advertise bankruptcy as the solution to foreclosure. Often a bankruptcy is not needed, saving your future credit and at least $1,500 in legal fees.

3. Should you pay your property taxes or not? The answer depends on several factors. The right answer could save you thousands.

4. Lenders, salesmen, your bank, and even many realtors will tell you a “short
sale” will solve your debt problems, and help you avoid foreclosure. However, many lenders are not willing to release you from the full debt. This means that after a short sale, you could still face a collections lawsuit for the unpaid debt – potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

5. How long can you stay in your property when a foreclosure is in process? Is it better to “walk away” from the home or stay in the home? The answer could save you months in rent.

6. Some banks are offering “trial modifications” which require that you make payments during a trial period in the hope that a permanent modification will be granted. Will your hopes be rewarded, or dashed? The answer may surprise you, and could save thousands in payments.

7. Because a foreclosure sale is a public notice, you will receive dozens of solicitations from a variety of people offering solutions. Can they be trusted? With my advice you can avoid scams and better understand your options.

8. When a foreclosure is imminent, should you continue to pay HOA dues or not? The answer could save you hundreds.

9. If you are recently divorced, nearing divorce, or in a non-traditional relationship, how will questions of liability for the debts be resolved? Many clients find they got a raw deal only too late. With my advice you can protect yourself.

10. If you have other properties or assets at risk, can your lender sue for a judgment? How can you protect your assets from creditors?

For answers to these and other questions, contact me via my website to schedule a consultation. If you live in Beaverton, Hillsboro, or Portland I am conveniently located near the Tanasbourne shopping area.

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